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Working In Something

2010-10-11 16:10:31 by AngryTortoise

Working on movie. Yup. Making a movie. Dont know what it will be about but it will be a movie. Heres my new vcam bitches!

Working In Something

im bored

2010-10-10 21:32:03 by AngryTortoise

Im bored as shit.

Mr. Peanut

2010-10-06 15:22:43 by AngryTortoise

I just recently saw Mr. peanut and I loved. So I ripped some sprites and I plan to make comics with them!


2010-10-02 22:42:37 by AngryTortoise

I just looked at my banner and noticed I spelled "AngryTortoise" wrong in the original. LOL!

New Postie

2010-10-02 19:27:21 by AngryTortoise

Time for something newie


2010-07-29 17:33:40 by AngryTortoise

Im working on some flash. But im mostly focusing on art!